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Hannia Rodriguez is thanked by a long line of 120 loving Ecuadorians giving her 120 hugs and thanking her for her work in their community through ForeignAngels.org.

Welcome to Foreign Angels. Foreign Angels is a 501C Corporation designed to assist underprivileged individuals and families in remote areas of Mexico (San Diego & Tijuana border area), Central America, South America, and throughout the U.S.

Foreign Angels, headed by Hannia Rodriguez, is a great place for you to get involved with Mission work from the comfort of your home (or by traveling with us).

We encourage you to get involved in any way that you would like, whether it is your time, your talent, your treasure, or your wisdom. These orphans and Seniors don't have many people looking out for them. Please help us feed the hungry and clothe the poor. God Bless you!

2011 trips have really moved our hearts, especially the trip to Equador in mid 2011 and to Tijuana, Mexico with ProjectMercy.net in May.

See our latest updates on the "EVENTS" page for recent trip notes. 

A special thanks to Linda Jones, who is sponsoring a young child's education expenses in Ecuador.

Trip Photo Gallery (some older photos from '08 and '09 trips that we love) 

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Hannia gets a tour of the orphanage by a new friend.